Crater Lake

White City, Oregon

Ellensburg, Washington

Columbia Falls, Montana

Park City, Utah

Bryce National Park




Cleveland, Ohio

North Judson, Indiana

North Rim, Grand Canyon

Mount Hood, Oregon

Mount Baker, Washington

Philadelphia, PA

Avon by the Sea

I had travelled with my bike from the middle of nowhere Montana, through Yellowstone National Park, to Jackson Lake in order to reunite with the TAPcouch...

Vermilion Cliffs, AZ
Vermillion Cliffs man, 1 CD, 12 songs, 2 friends, and more time in the car than you can imagine in 1 weekend. Nothing got old.

Albion Basin, UT
Amy and I had the pleasure of meeting a first grade teacher over the summer. She said, "We can all learn from a first grader...