It started in March, 2011.
The couch had been passed from one friend to the next, its origin lost in a line of owners. We met on my birthday during a low point of both our existences. I had broken my back in a moment of fatigued stupidity and was incapable of walking very far, let alone using my beloved snowboard. The couch was about to be thrown out by Ms. Katie Young, no longer needed or wanted. I like to think we both were feeling lonely and useless. Perhaps the couch found me. Maybe fate, if there is such a thing, sent the couch into my life when I needed it most. While visiting Katie I noticed how easily she flung around this quaint little piece of furniture. I watched as she scooted and lifted and tossed it around the room, preparing to bring it out to the curb. An idea began to form, “Katie … do you think that will fit in my truck?”

“Let’s see'” She lifted it, one handed, and threw it into the Chevy’s bed. It sat perfectly inside. Little did I know this small moment would change the course of my next year.

At first, I would bring t he couch up to the Snowbird parking lot with a few beers and a miniguitar and wait for my friends to ski down to visit. The experience became known as the Truck After Party (TAP), and thus the beginning of the TAPcouch adventures. As I healed, broke, and healed again this couch has introduced me to amazing people, brought my friends together, carried me through bouts of homelessness, and provided a safe place to sit wherever it was brought. It’s a couch, but a couch without walls or guidelines. It lives by the four directions on a compass, restrained only by arm muscle and gas money. It’s a home on the move, a common ground on wheels, and the perfect travel companion.

The Chronicles of the TAPcouch are stories about all the clichés- following your heart, appreciating the quarks in life, loving the people you’re with, opening your eyes to what’s around you, and going to sleep at night with the comfort that you lived the day on your own terms. We tell them with hope to inspire you to follow your own instincts, and maybe you too will wind up in an absurdly unbelievable circumstance and wonder what it is the world actually runs on.

-Lindsey Dolan